About Veterans Assistance Foundation

The Veterans Assistance Foundation is a veteran founded and led non-profit organization dedicated to overcoming veteran homelessness.  We offer Programs and Services for veterans.  Click here to visit our Resources for Veterans page to find out more about those programs. 

409105_Large.jpgOur veterans are falling through the cracks in communities throughout our country.  In general,  it falls to  private, non-profit corporations and foundations like VAF to create a safety net by working with community members, local businesses, and people that care to help coordinate benefits, resources, and serviceChoosing where to put your support is important and it seems every day there is a news report of someone being unscrupulous with s.donations; those hurt worst by this behavior are veterans who need help.  When you make the choice to help homeless veterans, we honor your generosity by putting your money and other types of donations to work directly where you intended...and where it will do the most good, with the veterans that so desperately need your help!

The 2013 Annual Housing Assessment Report for Congress estimated that in January of 2013, 610,042 Americans were homeless.  Of those, the Department of Veterans' Affairs estimates that 13% are veterans.  That translates nearly 80,000 veterans who are homeless at some time during the year. These are men and women who served their country in times of war and peace.

Most homeless veterans are single men. Few services are provided from local, state, and federal programs that are earmarked for homeless men who are veterans, and even less for women.

It's probably beginning to dawn on you that there is a gap in who can care for our homeless veterans, who can reach them. It's difficult as an individual who is not immersed in the world of homeless veteran services to know what to do.  It's difficult to meet the eyes of the man on the street who is struggling.  And yet, I'm sure you've asked yourself,

"Who takes care of these veterans?"

"What about those who do not qualify for VA care and benefits?"

"Who gives the homeless vet a place to sleep? Hot meals? A shower?"

"Who helps homeless veterans find a job?  How do you get a job when an employer can't phone you, send you an email, or mail you a letter?"

"Who offers these veterans a hand up, not a hand out?"

Of course, providing services takes money; and there are many foundations and corporations across the country fighting hard for a share of the federal, state, and private grants being offered. Fundraising is also a way to build the capital that allows us to provide services to the men and women who joined the military and served their country faithfully; but, people have to know that funds are needed and where to reach out to so they can help.

We rely on the generosity of people like you to help end the national disgrace of homeless veterans. Your donations give us the chance to continue to help veterans who are looking for a way to be part of our communities, to regain the respect and dignity they have lost.   They served our country without hesitation, shouldn't we return the "favor" by welcoming them home and ensuring they have the resources they need to not only survive but thrive!

Thank you for helping us to improve the life of veterans and for caring.  Please help us spread the word that Veterans Assistance Foundation, Inc. is here to help because of people like you.  If all of us just do a little, we can make a major change in the lives of homeless veterans.