Wisconsin Veterans Housing and Recovery Program (VHRP)

The Veterans Assistance Foundation, Inc. has partnered with the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs to operate three separate Veterans Housing and Recovery Program (VHRP) sites around the state, located near the state’s veterans homes in King, Union Grove and Chippewa Falls. 

Klein_Hall_building.jpgThe VHRP is designed to break the cycle of homelessness and help veterans transition back into the mainstream of society. The VHRP also helps prevent homelessness by providing job training and referrals to unemployed or underemployed veterans who otherwise might end up living on the streets. This is accomplished through job training, education, counseling and rehabilitative services (such as alcohol and drug abuse treatment) the veterans need in order to obtain steady employment, affordable housing and the skills to sustain a productive lifestyle.

At these sites, VAF partners with federal, state, and local governments, county veterans service offices and representatives from local communities—including veterans service organizations, private charities, community organizations, and local businesses. This extensive coalition produces outreach and a referral network that helps homeless veterans leave the streets utilizing the appropriate assistance. 

Library_2.jpgThe philosophy of the program is simple: veterans helping veterans; a one-stop shop to access needed services; a structured environment with long days and hard work to rekindle the pride and confidence these men and women once used to defend our nation.

The Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs in partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs established the program in 1994. This statewide "back-to-work" program operates Veterans Assistance Centers, which are "one-stop shops" for the services homeless and at-risk veterans need. With the ability to access nearby VA medical centers, the Veterans Housing Programs are located at:

  • The campus of the Northern Wisconsin Center in Chippewa Falls - Call the Program Director at (715) 726-2541 for more details on the Chippewa Falls VHRP.
  • The campus of the Southern Wisconsin Center near Union Grove - Call the Program Director at (262) 878-9151 for more details on the Union Grove VHRP.
  • The campus of the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King (on the Waupaca Chain O'Lakes) - Contact the Program Director at (715) 256-1118 for more details on the King VHRP.